Published in May 2009

AV Brings Courtroom To Class
By Jim Stokes

Florida Coastal School of Law offers immersive learning.

The Florida Coastal School of Law (FCSL) in Jacksonville FL.

With more than 1300 students and 100-plus faculty and staff, the Florida Coastal School of Law (FCSL) in Jacksonville FL is a prominent unit of the InfiLaw consortium of independent law schools. Growth had necessitated a move into a larger facility. Along with the move, the school’s AV technology became more sophisticated and integral to the learning environment and serves as a prototype for other InfiLaw schools.

Indeed, FCSL has two fully functional, high-tech courtrooms with video screens throughout each room, upon which attorneys can show evidence to the judge, jurors and observers, simultaneously. The courtrooms are based on the famed Courtroom 21 design, which was developed by Martin Gruen in the early 1990s and introduced as a computer-integrated courtroom at William and Mary College in Williamsburg VA. In turn, there’s a Courtroom 28 in Orlando FL, which has multiple courtrooms based on the Courtroom 21 design. Mike Bell, Senior AV Technology Specialist, who manages the AV technologies at FCSL and who is one of our interviewees, received a Court Technologist Certificate from training at the Orlando site.

From Pushing Carts To Smart Classrooms

Bell noted that the law school’s 220,000-square-foot, five-story purchased building at its new location was a much-welcomed change from its previous locale. “It’s a larger building with a multi-story parking garage, which we desperately needed for our students,” said Bell. “We made the move and then PCS/Professional Communications Systems came in and started doing the build-out [in 2006]. We totally renovated this existing building by putting in internal stairwells and making all the appropriate classroom structures with tiered seating to be receptive to the technologies that PCS installed.”

Looking at the build-out schedule and credits, Tampa FL-based PCS completed numerous elements of the multi-phased AV integration. The initial phase was begun in 2006 and another was completed in August 2008. The first quarter of 2009 marks the commencement of the phase involving integrating three new classrooms. PCS is credited with the AV design/build. FCSL’s Mike Bell walked us through the install, explaining the significance of technology in teaching. PCS Project Manager/Account Manager Joe Gaynor and Project Engineer James Wagoner gave us insight and added details as we researched the project. We’ll have some quotes from them, as well. Special thanks to PCS Marketing Manager Bonnie Bratby-Carey for her assistance.

In addition to PCS’s AV design/build, other credits include the following. Jacksonville-based Rink Design Partnership Inc. was the architect; Atlanta GA-based Skanska Building USA Inc. managed the building’s construction; IDEO, an international design firm, Palo Alto CA, used the signature elements in the overall project design as a template for other InfiLaw schools, to set them above the normal institutional standards. There’ll be an example of an IDEO design for FCSL later.

Big Change

It was quite a change for the law school from technology at the previous location. This writer is aware of the transition, as well, from the perspective of my own days working as a college AV tech. “In the old location, they had security [people] pushing around the TVs, VCRs and projectors on carts,” FCSL’s Mike Bell pointed out. “We continued to grow and, of course, the audiovisual aspect of teaching began to grow. So we wanted the technology on this new campus to complement, even enhance, the traditional curriculum found in a law school.”

He continued, “So this building was designed with the idea of having integrated technology. Where most universities will have two to five ‘smart classrooms,’ every one of our classrooms is fully integrated.” The new FCSL facility incorporates a trial and an appellate courtroom with similar technologies, 31 classrooms, six rooms with videotaping capability and several popular student “study bar” areas. AV equipment is all AMX-accessed and controlled.

Courtroom AV

The centerpiece of the law school complex is an actual trial courtroom, which features 40-inch ceiling-mounted Mitsubishi LCDs within the courtroom itself and in the student/observer seating at tables in back. These tables, as well as classroom tables, are equipped with pop-ups, which provide power and data connections for the seated spaces. The pop-up tabling install was done by FCSL facilities. There are 20-inch Samsung table monitors for evidence viewing by the judge, lawyers and jurors.

PCS’s Gaynor explained, “The courtroom lecterns were designed by Miller’s Millworks [Bergen NY] with a 180-degree swivel, allowing for teacher presentations to students or for lawyers and attorneys to present to their judge.” A lectern houses a variety of AV presentation tools for attorneys to display evidence within the courtroom. Within the lectern is a Boeckeler video marker, which uses an ELO touchscreen display. With the Boeckeler, annotations can be made over moving video to clarify the evidence. An analogy would be John Madden showing football plays on TV. Allied to the Boeckeler is a SMART Technologies Sympodium touchscreen interactive pen display, which typically is used for annotating over static materials such as a PowerPoint or a website.

In a more traditional mode, there’s an Elmo document camera for showing flat-page documents as well as objects as evidence. The courtroom is equipped with three Elmo PTZ cameras for capturing video and feeding it to the server room for recording and archiving. A Polycom VSX7400 codec is used with Elmo cameras for videoconferencing in the courtrooms.

On the audio side, soun d reinforcement is provided by JBL ceiling speakers driven by Crown amplifiers. Microphones include Shure lavalieres and Audio-Technica desk mics. Depending on the nature of a case, video and audio materials require approval, as well, before they’re released to media outside the courtroom.

Actual Hearings

Jacksonville’s local legal community has taken advantage of the law school’s two high-tech courtrooms to hold actual hearings and oral arguments onsite. They are also used for presentations by the legal community. Furthermore, the availability of the FCSL courtrooms has helped to ease a lack of space and courthouse overcrowding encountered by the city government.

Both the trial and appellate courtrooms have lecterns, deliberation rooms and observer audience seating. The essential differences between the two are that the trial courtroom has a witness box and a jury box, while the appellate court lacks both. “What’s neat about the school’s appellate court is that we actually have appeal cases tried by the First District Court of Appeals,” said Bell.

“Just last week, we had several cases tried here. It’s very fortunate for us. We video-capture these to some extent and show them online. At, you’ll see some of our courtroom and other courtroom archives, as well.”

Other Rooms, Other Spaces

There are several manufacturers and types of monitors in the install. PCS’ Wagoner explained, “At the time we put in Panasonic 65-inch plasmas, there’s wasn’t any such thing as a 65-inch LCD. They just didn’t have them that big. Decisions were made in meetings and budgetary talks. At that time, the plasmas were less than half the price of LCDs, so there were some compromises made. In a few locations, it was just due to budget.”

Panasonic 50-inch and 65-inch plasmas are extensively used in various common areas and entrance points within the law school building. The monitors provide informational news related to the school. They’re installed in the lobby, atrium, library and various locations on the fifth floor. In addition, there are Mitsubishi LCDs at two entry points in the parking garage.

Bell emphasized that all the AV-equipped rooms are “fully involved and technologically complete. And, by that, I mean they have presentation equipment you can actually use, ranging from a single projector to dual projectors, DVD and VHS players, computers, integrated sound systems with desk mics and in-room cameras. We can actually video-capture and send images to a data center to use as a file format for podcasting. It’s very complete.” There’ll be more on this later.

New Design Model

The aforementioned IDEO design firm sought to create a new design model of legal education at FCSL that combined the traditional law school educational process with one in which the faculty is accessible to students. That concept resulted in creating collaborative student and faculty spaces. Thus, “knowledge bars” with interactive displays were created in the new building. They feature SMART Technologies SMART Boards on the fourth and fifth floors, as well as 3M Spartan display boards on the second floor and in the area between the courtrooms.

According to Bell, the students can either use these spaces for self-study or, after class, to meet with professors and fellow students to discuss aspects of the lessons. Students have the opportunity to connect a laptop and study together. “In the knowledge bar area between the courtrooms, audio can be brought in from the courtroom, so students can actually hear the trials or the appeals cases,” said Bell. “And then they can look into the courtrooms though windows in the study area without actually being in the courtroom.” He added that students may also enter the courtrooms and observe the proceedings firsthand from tables in the back. “Of course, judges are quite generous with their time in answering questions at the end. It’s quite a legal benefit to students.”


Permanently mounted in all classrooms are JBL speakers and Elmo cameras. There are several different video monitors used throughout the classrooms. Variously, there are ceiling-mounted 40-inch Mitsubishi and Samsung LCDs, as well as Sharp ceiling-mounted projectors showing content on large Da-Lite power screens. A prime example is in a second-floor classroom, which seats about 90 students, where five Mitsubishi LCDs are placed strategically for maximum student viewing. In turn, monitors are augmented by projection screening in the center of the room.

Then, on the fifth floor, in a large, multi-use classroom accommodating 168 students, there are eight Samsungs plus two Da-Lite screens fired upon by two Sharp projectors at center room. Professors have a choice of instructional media tools, including PowerPoint slides, DVDs, Word/Excel documents or any other visible data they would choose to present.

Although the courtrooms have fixed lecterns, classrooms are provided with several choices of movable lecterns, depending mainly on the visual presentation system. Bell described one of the AV carts: Components mounted with the rack include a Sony DVD/VHS player, Extron integrated scaling matrix switcher, Extron video distribution amplifier, RDL video matrix switcher, AMX video sync sensor, AMX NetLinx integrated control NI-3000, Furman power conditioner, Crown power amplifier, Shure wireless lavalier microphone receiver and Symetrix SymNet audio matrix switcher.

Larger Classrooms

In the larger classrooms, there are two SymNet audio matrix switchers. Moving up the top of lectern, there are Shure lavalier and handheld mics, as well as an Audio-Technica desk mic. FCSL provides its own computer setup for each classroom. This particular lectern has an AMX touchscreen and a Sympodium along with an Extron input for a laptop or an audio/video signal.

And how do the students react to all the technology? “Instructional technology is the future, and it’s now,” affirmed Bell. “Integrating technology into the classroom is in the lesson plan. It’s really bringing to the forefront how students learn. And the new students are very video and audio perceptive. They learn very quickly.”

Favorable Response

With respect to the professors, Bell noted that they have responded “favorably to the new technology. Problems came with multiple use. It’s when someone turns something off and it won’t work for the next user. That’s a common scenario. But overall, it’s pretty reliable.”

“The conference rooms are interesting because some of them have the Polycom videoconferencing systems with which we do distance learning,” explained Bell. “For example, we just finished an Indian Law class this semester with our sister school in Phoenix AZ. We do Monday and Wednesday classes through distance learning with the Polycom.”

Turning our attention to the server room, let’s specifically highlight the area. Each floor has matrix rooms and switchers that connect to MultiDyne fiberoptic and then to Cat cable to the server area where Cat5 is routed to separate computers for each room for audio and video capture. AV is stored on servers or stored on the aforementioned computer for each classroom, depending on how it will be distributed.

There are RSS feeds for podcast. “We email the link to the RSS feed to the professor,” explained Bell. “And he, in turn, will send it to his students. We can also video capture in the classrooms. We’ve been turning it directly into DVD and providing it to the library on reserve. Those typically are review classes. The podcasts are standard classes. The students can download the RSS feed and listen to the class over and over.”

Movie In The Court

Further attesting to the high profile of the law school’s new courtrooms, cameras rolled in an FCSL courtroom last autumn for a production called Planting Hope. It was shot for local Hubbard House for presentation at its annual fundraiser, showing how the organization helps victims of domestic abuse. Therefore, the courtroom scene featured a husband and wife involved in a domestic-abuse scenario. Helping with expenses, the Florida Motion Picture and Television Association had a crew volunteer its time on behalf of the Hubbard House non-profit organization.

FCSL charged a competitive rate for shooting in its courtroom. “Hubbard House thought it was great. They came to our courtroom because, on a limited budget, although they could afford to shoot in a courtroom, they couldn’t necessarily in the Duval County Courthouse [in Jacksonville],” pointed out Bell. “There were also security issues there.”

The courtroom shoot was a good example of how FCSL can be involved in the community. And the courtroom’s advanced AV technology was an extra plus for the production. That ties into the practical use of sophisticated technology for teaching. “The school was very strategic in deciding how best to implement the technology. They made sure it was something that was going to be used—not just something we have here for the sake of having it,” affirmed Bell.

“The important [aspect] was our students: to have them know about technology, because it will supplement their legal experience to go out [and practice law]. They’re going to be involved in many different firms and, certainly, practicing in many courtrooms nationwide. They have to be armed with the sharpest legal skills. And they also have to be proficient in the most contemporary computer software and technology.”

PCS’s Gaynor affirmed that the design/build company has maintenance contracts for the next two years (part of a three-year contract). “So we’re continually on campus tweaking things, catching bugs and fixing things. It’s a very good relationship with the

Professional Communications Systems (PCS)

Professional Communications Systems, Inc. (PCS), has been a leading provider of consulting, systems integration and equipment solutions to broadcasters and users of audiovisual presentation technology since 1985. Headquartered in Tampa FL, PCS is a division of Media General Inc., owner of television, newspaper and internet media properties throughout the southeastern United States, and a member of PSNI/Professional Systems Network Inc.
PCS, which recently expanded its facilities in Tampa, maintains regional offices in Fort Lauderdale, Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando and Pensacola FL, as well as Albany GA.

For more info, visit


Florida Coastal School of Law
Florida Coastal School of Law (FCSL), Jacksonville, is fully accredited by the American Bar Association. About evenly divided by gender, Coastal Law students come from about 46 states and numerous countries, from approximately 254 colleges and universities.

FCSL’s full-time faculty members represent more than 50 ABS-accredited law schools from across the country. Coastal Law graduating classes consistently pass the bar in Florida, most recently with an 85.2% pass rate [February 2008]. That rate placed Coastal Law third among Florida’s 10 law schools. Graduate employment after nine months was 96.6% [February 2008].

For more info, go to



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List is edited from information supplied by Professional Communications Systems, Inc.

Sound & Communications Contributing Editor Jim Stokes has been involved in the AV industry for more than 30 years as an AV technician and writer.
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