Hoosier Basketball Landmark
Butler U’s Hinkle Fieldhouse nails an acoustical slam dunk.
Never let it be said that the residents of Indiana don’t take their basketball games seriously. Eighteen of the top 20 largest high school basketball gyms in the United States are located in Indiana...and until this year, numbers 1 through 18 were in the Hoosier State; in 2009, Texas scored to capture the 8th and 18th positions.

Published in November 2009    
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Texas-sized Grandeur
Everything’s bigger in the Cowboys’ eye-popping stadium.
Located deep in the heart of Texas and as big as the Lone Star state’s vast real estate, the brand new $1 billion-plus Dallas Cowboys Stadium is by far the largest, AV advanced sports and entertainment locale on earth. Indeed, there’s a whole host of superlatives:

Published in November 2009    
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Be Our Guest
Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek’s meeting, event spaces get an AV infusion.
Several centuries ago, Spanish explorer Ponce de Leon discovered Florida. However, he never found the rumored Fountain of Youth. Flashing forward to Orlando in this day and age, the famed adventurer might very well seek the hospitality and related AV surroundings at the newly opened Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek Hotel in Orlando FL, for a conference or boardroom discussion about his travels and discoveries in the New World. Alas! He may be hampered by the currency exchange.

Published in October 2009    
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Work of Art
Art Institute of Chicago sculpts superior experience.
AV was used to integrate and support The Art Institute of Chicago’s (AIC’s) new Modern Wing, which opened in mid May. Here, we’ll journey through the AV scope in four Modern Wing space areas, including Griffin Court/Main Lobby, Museum Education Department/Ryan Education Center, Black Box Gallery/Contemporary Department and the Administrative area.

Published in September 2009    
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Building An AV Dream
Mortenson Construction’s HQ centralizes company communications.
Get ready to visit a bricklayer, a carpenter and a “supt’s kitchen.” Surprised? Then we’ve got your attention! They’re within the Mortenson Construction conference center at the builder’s headquarters in Minneapolis MN.

Published in August 2009    
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Nothing But Nets
Barclays Center Showroom features AV-simulated arena sneak peak.
The sights, sounds and feel of being at a basketball game or other entertainment events can be experienced virtually in a Manhattan skyscraper. Although the New Jersey Nets’ proposed new basketball home in downtown Brooklyn opens in 2010, potential patrons can get an AV-simulated look into the upcoming Barclays Center arena in the 10,000-square-foot Barclays Center Showroom on the 38th floor of the New York Times Building on 8th Avenue between 40th and 41st Street.

Published in July 2009    
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Let’s Get Physical
Gold’s Gyms, Army fitness center AV get the heart pumping.
As quality improves, size of video screens increases and prices drop in the consumer electronics sector, standards rise for AV in public venues, as well.

Published in July 2009    
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AV Brings Courtroom to Class
Florida Coastal School of Law offers immersive learning.
With more than 1300 students and 100-plus faculty and staff, the Florida Coastal School of Law (FCSL) in Jacksonville FL is a prominent unit of the InfiLaw consortium of independent law schools.

Published in May 2009    
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The Encouraging Word: AV
First Baptist Church goes HD and digital.
Historic First Baptist Church (FBS) in the heart of Spartanburg SC has gone HD digital within a massive media upgrade of its AV, broadcast and lighting systems. Founded in 1839, the house of worship has come a long way from a gathering place for 25 Christians.

Published in April 2009    
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A Closer Connection
Hayes-Barton UMC builds community through technology.
Today’s Christian churches are no longer open just on Sunday mornings. Many churches of all sizes have become “24/7” facilities; they are in use nearly round-the-clock, seven days a week, with the technical staff kicking into high gear for special Easter and Christmas productions or during high-profile contemporary Christian concert performance

Published in April 2009    
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Ballpark Frank
Yankee Stadium’s AV touches all the bases.
Editor’s Note: As you read this, baseball fans will be gearing up for one of the most monumental events in sports history: the opening of the new Yankee Stadium in the Bronx. Of course, we have to expect that this modern facility will be rife with AV elements, right?

Published in March 2009    
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Exploring The Depths
Smithsonian’s Sant Ocean Hall raises technological tide.
The newly opened Sant Ocean Hall (named for the Sant family, a major contributor to the project) occupies space in the Smithsonian’s long standing National Museum of Natural History in Washington DC. Initial construction on this vintage hall commenced in 1908 and the building was opened to the public in 1912. During the recent restoration, the exhibit building was...

Published in March 2009    
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The Valleys To The Mountain
Peckville Assembly of God Church hosts high-profile acts.
In October 2008, the superstar Christian rock band Mercy Me performed at Madison Square Garden. The group’s stop just prior to its concert at the 20,000-seat New York City venue? Peckville Assembly of God Church in the small mountain town of Peckville PA, outside of Scranton.

Published in February 2009    
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Communications Superhighway
Texas DoT’s AV technology keeps traffic flowing.
Imagine driving to work, no time to spare before the big Monday morning meeting, when your GPS warns of traffic congestion ahead on your chosen route. It redirects you to another major thruway and you arrive at the meeting on time.

Published in February 2009    
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Seize The Power
ITC Holdings Corp.’s headquarters boasts ‘electric’ AV.
The new headquarters of ITC Holdings Corp., an electricity transmission company in Novi MI, features a super-sized, ultra-high-resolution projection system in its Operations Control Room (OCR), which monitors a multi-state electricity transmission grid.

Published in January 2009    
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Modern-Day Auctioneer
Conferencing and IP set stage for innovation in bidding.
It’s Showtime! Here we are at an auction day in Medford MN at Ritchie Bros. (RB), the world’s largest industrial auctioneers. An eager crowd awaits the parade of dozers, excavators, track hoes, backhoes and other heavy equipment to assemble on the outside ramp. A mammoth multi-paned glass door opens up for full views of each piece of heavy equipment.

Published in January 2009    
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Soundscape At The Plaza
Bygone era’s elegant style meets modern technology.
New York City’s legendary hotel, The Plaza, has been restored and transformed into a luxury lifestyle destination that evokes the grace and grandeur of its past while offering modern, unparalleled conveniences.

Published in December 2008    
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Communications Powerhouse
AV keeps Daimler Finacial Services employees in the info loop.
Daimler Financial Services Americas (DFS) opened a new three-story facility in Alliance (Fort Worth) TX in September. Within the 164,000-square-foot building is a new customer call center.

Published in December 2008    
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Power Management For Arenas & Stadiums
Beyond the distribution panel.
You’re assembling the AC infrastructure for either a new or rejuvenated arena or large concert venue. Of course, you’ll stage massive high-voltage supplies from your utility, possibly back-up generators for critical loads, and break these multi-phase services out via distribution: breaker panels...

Published in November 2008    
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Balanced Distribution
TSU's Gentry Center evens the audio.
Our story takes place in Tennessee State University’s (TSU) 10,500-seat arena within the Gentry Center. Situated on the university’s main campus in Nashville TN, the arena is a multipurpose space, accommodating sports, commencement and special events activities. It’s the home court for the TSU Tigers basketball team.

Published in November 2008    
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Formidable Challenges
Panther's Bank of America Stadium makes a play with HD.
The Carolina Panthers opened its 2008 season at Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte NC with giant new LED high-definition scoreboards, an exclusive membership club with a 103-inch plasma display, nearly 200 public area flat-panel displays, and major sound and video upgrades to PantherVision’s production capabilities.

Published in November 2008    
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Food, Fun And AV
Jack Astor’s Bar & Grill serves up signage and more in downtown Toronto.
When patrons walk through the first-floor entrance of Jack Astor’s Bar & Grill on John Street in downtown Toronto, an LCD chandelier featuring 24 displays of three different sizes may be the first thing to catch their eyes. Or it might be the two, six-screen-high video towers visible from the first floor dining rooms and second-floor bars.

Published in October 2008    
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Unconventional Convention Center
Vast Gaylord National Resort offers AV-infused amenities.
The latest addition to Gaylord Entertainment’s hotel-resort offerings opened recently in the Washington DC area. In true Gaylord fashion, the Washington/National Harbor project is unique, yet keeps with Gaylord’s distinctive properties in Nashville (Opryland), Orlando (Palms) and Dallas/Ft. Worth (Texan).

Published in October 2008    
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Healthy Possibilities For Digital Signage
Fraser Health’s IMRO is a technology proving ground.
Are there any boundaries to what digital signage can accomplish? The original, and still primary, use for digital signage is marketing and promotions in retail establishments, but innovative integrators and end users have expanded the applications for the technology.

Published in August 2008    
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Tight Timeline, Amazing AV
Seventh Day Adventist Church creates immersive experience.
Many Christian churches today put technology at center stage, never overshadowing the minister or the message, but not hiding or disguising the 21st century tools required to create an immersive audiovisual experience, either.
Published in July 2008    
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‘Beauty’ Of Technology
Elizabeth Arden flagship boutique gets AV ‘facelift.’
   Elizabeth Arden, a retail beauty products industry leader, has completed the makeover of its New York City-based Fifth Avenue Red Door flagship store, after four months of renovation. The opening event featured a ribbon cutting by Academy Award-winning actress Catherine Zeta-Jones. We’ll speak with the architecture firm and AV company involved in the project, as well.
Published in July 2008    
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Fit For A ‘Queen’
Cunard’s Queen Victoria crests with a new theater.
    You’re aboard Cunard Line’s Queen Victoria cruise ship. Within the 90,000-ton vessel are all the amenities, from your accommodations to entertainment. In fact, it’s the second largest Cunarder ever built. And, if you enjoy elegant theatrical surroundings, you’ll find that facet on your voyage, as well, within the Royal Court Theater. We’ll explore the theater AV after some architectural background.
Published in June 2008    
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Historic ‘Fox’ Trots Again
Intimate Woldson Theater’s sound system makes Spokane Symphony feel at home.
    How do we make this work? It is both easy and expensive with a clean sheet of paper and no walls to create a modern multi-purpose theater. But to take a historic downtown icon with no idea of a budget and a fundraising/building timeline that extended for more than seven years—spanning two architectural firms, two executive directors and two conductors—and still end up with a world-class facility?
Published in June 2008    
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Wide World of Nano
UCLA’s California NanoSystems Institute magnifies its technology.
    The University of California, Los Angeles’ (UCLA) new CNSI (California NanoSystems Institute) theater/auditorium provides a wide range of AV technology with minimal technical support. This facility, based in Los Angeles CA, required an integrated AV environment that provides resources for high-level events in support of the work being done at the CNSI.
Published in May 2008    
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Breaking Down the Walls
USC’s McKibben Hall’s AV extends education’s reach.
    By now, most AV industry pros are familiar with the capabilities of, and technology behind, distance learning. For many integrators, the primary challenge behind projects in this field is educating the customer and the end user (who are not always the same person, incidentally) about the best ways to take advantage of this cutting-edge technology without losing the personal touch that is so important in a classroom environment
Published in May 2008    
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From Office Supplies to Global Ministry
Av and architecture transform retail space for worship use.
    The building that houses the T.L. Lowery Global Ministry Center in Cleveland TN is a converted Office-Max retail store, but you can’t tell by looking at it.
Published in April 2008    
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