Are We On Candid Camera?
There is much to consider in applications of digital camera-based technologies.
  If you’ve been thinking that our culture couldn’t get any more video-centric, let’s dispel that illusion now and move on. There’s the obvious proliferation of cameras in our entertainment, from reality television to YouTube.
Published in October 2009
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Tailoring Technology To Teaching
Coppin State’s HHSB nurtures potential, transforms lives.
  Coppin State University in Baltimore MD uses the words “Nurturing Potential, Transforming Lives” as its motto. But it easily could add the phrase “Through Technology” and create a complete description of the education experience for Coppin students and faculty.
Published in May 2009
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Telepresence Revolution
Adoption unlocks strategic value.
  Telepresence is the latest buzzword in the collaborative conferencing space that signifies videoconferencing that works! Championed by Cisco CEO John Chambers, C level executives began to look at telepresence as a technology that allows them to communicate effectively without leaving the office.
Published in May 2009
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Unified Communications
Stepping into the future...without abandoning the past.
  If you type “Unified Communications” into a search engine such as Google, you’ll find almost nine million responses. There is no shortage of definitions or opinions about the subject.
Published in IT/AV Report, Fall 2008
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Digital Signage Scenarios
Encouraging visual stimulation.
   These days, it is nearly impossible to go to any place of business and not see flat screens playing advertisements or providing information. Whether pumping gas, waiting for the doctor or even taking a break in the ski lodge, digital signage is everywhere. Digital signage has been growing for years, but...
Published in IT/AV Report, Fall 2008
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Telepresence Of Tomorrow
Exciting technology is going places.
   Telepresence, executed correctly, enables intimate, intuitive and effective interactions over great distances without the need for physical travel. It is a technology that can not only fundamentally change the way a company conducts business...
Published in IT/AV Report, Fall 2008
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Brave New World
How cheap, great quality encoders change everything. Maybe.
   You’ve heard about MPEG4 AVC, otherwise known by its ITU-R standard designation of H.264. Probably heard about it ad nauseam, and are still left to wonder how this significant improvement in video compression makes any real difference to your business other than the usual, “now things go a little faster?”
Published in IT/AV Report, Spring 2007
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A LAN-Based AV Presentation Primer
A proposal that implements common TCP/IP protocols.
   A simple “connect and present” solution has long been the Holy Grail of the audiovisual system designer. Unfortunately, the consumer origins of most source and display signals...
Published in July 2007
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It's in the Cards
Your world won't ever be the same.
   Let’s be grateful to desktop video production, because it’s giving AV presentation systems a gift. But let’s be wary, because this is a complicated and challenging gift...
Published in October 2006
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The Simple Network Management Protocol
A clunky old control system is radically innovative for AV.
    The coming together of IT and AV can be pretty paradoxical. These things are oil and water in many ways. And nothing about the mixing of them is—let’s say it plainly—weirder than the now rapid pace of adoption of SNMP to control...
Published in IT/AV Report, Spring 2006
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Can SuperMAN Save Metropolis?
Wide area networking update.
    These days, companies need reliable, affordable broadband access to support their voice, video and data communications, just as surely as they have access to electricity and water. Indeed, affordable broadband service has become an important consideration in choosing where to locate corporate headquarters, factories and other types of major business institutions.
    Many in the IT world are now beginning to worry, with the US slipping to 13th in the world in terms of broadband deployment (behind Korea, Japan, Singapore, Canada and much of Europe). Just a few years ago, the US ranked third in the world, but today it’s falling fast....

Published in IT/AV Report, Fall 2005
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