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  • Installation
    Vegas Church Goes ‘All In’
    Featuring a concert-caliber AV system and Frank Sinatra’s old sound mixer, The Crossing in southwest Las Vegas NV has a show-business approach to worship that vibes surprisingly well with Sin City.
    By Dan Daley

  • Installation
    Church Texas Style
    There’s nothing small about the First Baptist Church of Dallas TX’s commitment to AV tech. The brand new 178,000-square-foot, 3000-seat worship complex boasts a jumbo sized $12 million system dominated by a 150-foot wraparound video screen.
    By Dan Daley

  • Installation
    Packing The House
    Doubt not the power of social media. When Calvary Church of Naperville IL decided to add 500 seats and completely overhaul its AV system, the church turned to Twitter for the perfect integrator. Its pick, CCI Solutions, turned out to be a match made in heaven, and Calvary has an awe-inspiring new system to show for it.
    By Dawn Allcot

  • Digital Signage
    Sign Age: Everyone’s Talking 4K
    4K is all the rage in the AV market, but the technology hasn’t been deployed everywhere just yet. We look at some likely candidates for early adoption of 4K digital signage, as well as some obstacles that must be overcome before more clients begin to embrace it.
    By Shonan Noronha, EdD

  • Digital Signage
    Signage Gets Personal
    Sound & Communications’ resident digital signage expert breaks down this year’s Digital Signage Expo, including a detailed look at retail market applications, user interactivity and the integration of mobile technology.
    By Shonan Noronha, EdD

  • Audio
    Sound Advice: Do Computers Have Ears?
    Computer software can help alleviate the more repetitive aspects of line array optimization, but the process remains largely trial and error.
    By Peter Mapp, FASA, FAES

  • House of Worship
    Pitch, Plan And Execute, Part 1
    R Bob Adams calls upon his wealth of experience serving the HOW market to help bridge the gap between contractors/integrators and their clients. In the first installment of this three-part series, he compares the different types of representation you’re likely to encounter when dealing with the religious sector.
    By R Bob Adams

  • House Of Worship
    HOW Business: History Embraces The Future
    Setting up a cutting-edge sound system in a historical house of worship is one of the toughest tasks an integrator can tackle, but the right AV upgrade can bring the past back to the future.
    By David Lee Jr., PhD

  • House of Worship
    HOW Technology: The Miracle Of Technology
    It doesn’t take a miracle to bring quality sound and vocal clarity to a traditional worship space. It can be done, and with minimal visual impact, to boot.
    By Dawn Allcot

  • Video
    AVent Horizon: Once More, Into The Racks
    Overhauling a recently renovated movie theater’s equipment rack reminded our columnist of the importance of getting your hands dirty with some good old-fashioned field work.
    By Pete Putman, CTS, ISF

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