Nashville TN-based Gibson Guitar Corp. is buying TEAC Corp. of Japan for about $52 million, continuing the company’s push into the audio equipment industry. TEAC provides audio, video and data-storage equipment.
According to a news release, upon completion of the acquisition, through Gibson’s purchase 157.4 million shares of TEAC common stock, TEAC will become a member of the Gibson family. This will not only expand the size and reach of Gibson’s Pro Audio business, with products that both complement and build upon the KRK, Cerwin-Vega! and Stanton portfolio of studio monitors, sound reinforcement equipment and DJ gear respectively, in addition to strategic partner, Onkyo Corp. (Osaka, Japan), but also in future product development, has the potential to add value to the Gibson MI segments, as well as the fretted instrument category.
TEAC products include multichannel recorders, handheld recorders and Apple iOS devices, with growing opportunities in mixers and computer audio interfaces. Product lines range from industrial data acquisition and storage, high-end audio, disc publishing, medical video and broadcast into the consumer market through its TASCAM division. The company’s activity in multichannel recorders, sound contractor products, field recorders, audio interfaces and more, has resulted in products such as the self-contained Portastudio for producing professional-quality recordings at a consumer-friendly price. TEAC has been acknowledged as initiating the home recording revolution that changed the face of the music industry by introducing affordable multitrack recording, a technology invented by Les Paul.
According to the company, the implications of integrating these diverse elements into the Gibson family of brands are far-reaching, and further enhance Gibson’s diversification into the lifestyle arena.


According to reports, Panasonic will be spending $2.7 billion on a new round of restructuring over the next two years. During a late March news conference in Tokyo, company President Kazuhiro Tsuga said that, as Panasonic pulls back from consumer electronics, automotive and its environmentally friendly housing initiative are set to expand. Reports have Panasonic continuing to manufacture televisions, as part of a three-year plan. Tsuga stated, “To get out [of TV manufacturing] would be the final resort. That possibility is not zero.” Business units will be pared from 88 to 49 under four divisions, and the company would not state whether job losses were in the offing as a result of these changes. Although Panasonic continues its support of plasma television, the company may stop production as part of its restructuring of the TV division. Some reports have it that plasma production has already been vastly reduced.
Japan's biggest commercial employer will be reporting its second consecutive annual net loss. Pressure is mounting to dump weak businesses and trim its payroll even more than the most recent two-year 40,000 job loss. The company still employs more than 300,000 people.

Ensemble Designs

Finally, a Multiviewer that makes sense!

The new Avenue Multiviewer from Ensemble Designs delivers stunning detail from every source, even when the same signal appears multiple times. Video sources are always displayed at full motion frame rate, even with 16 images on the screen. Sources are sized perfectly with Ensemble’s proprietary scaling algorithms, ensuring a beautiful picture, no matter what size you choose. Click-to-fill configuration, snap-to grids and intuitive menus make setup super- simple. Labels, borders, audio meters and tally are selected with a web browser on your computer or iPad. It’s easy to save and apply configurations to multiple cells. The Avenue Multiviewer is the right choice for your control room, remote truck or boardroom.

For a complete signal processing chain, put multiviewers, SPGs, sync changeover, logo inserters, upconverters, routers and keyers in the same Avenue frame. Ensemble’s signal processing equipment is used in television stations and video facilities worldwide.

Triveni Digital (Princeton NJ) employees have joined together to buy LG Electronics' stock in the company, establishing a majority ownership position, making Triveni Digital a fully independent company. Since it was founded by LG in 1997, Triveni Digital has been a provider of metadata management, advanced content distribution and video quality assurance systems for the broadcast, cable, telco and IPTV industries. The transaction closed in late February.
Mark Simpson, President/CEO of Triveni Digital, and managing member of the new employee holding company, said, “We believe the industry is entering an exciting transition phase. Content consumption and viewing habits are changing rapidly, just as new technologies are emerging to address this pent-up demand.” He added, “While our current business is healthy, we see an exceptional opportunity for growth over the next several years. Triveni Digital has a long track record of digital TV technology innovation, and we are well positioned to extend our current product lines to address our customers’ evolving needs. A key area of focus that we’ll address is how Triveni Digital plans to help local broadcasters further exploit their infrastructure assets to earn new revenues from their news and other local content.”
As part of the buyout agreement, Triveni Digital will continue to develop technologies for LG Electronics’ hospitality TV business. “We’ve always had a strong relationship with LG Electronics, and I expect that relationship to continue to grow,” said Simpson. “While we look forward to working with LG in the future, our independence will enable Triveni Digital to pursue new funding sources and partnership initiatives in order to implement our new business strategy. We expect to take a leadership role in helping local media providers generate new forms of revenue and enhance their service offerings, while partnering with many others in the industry on these initiatives.”


Vislogix, Inc. (Boynton Beach FL), an award winning team of interactive technology specialists that provide solutions in the interactive and immersive digital-out-of-home space, has entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with B.V.B.A Rapid Affiage for its Holocube holographic products that covers the United States and Canada. Holocube is an integrated 3D holographic platform that combines holographic techniques in a contemporary housing that enables product focus as well as contextual 3D experiences that allow brands, products or messages to spring to life.


Revolabs Executive HD™ MaxSecure Wireless Microphone System Supports AES-256 Encryption for Maximum Security

Designed to provide the highest level of security for the most sensitive applications, the Revolabs Executive HD™ MaxSecure 8-channel wireless microphone system and compatible microphones support the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256) as defined by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

This encryption standard is designed for compliance with the security encryption standards AES FIPS 197 and AES FIPS 140-2, established by the United States government and approved by the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) for applications requiring advanced privacy protection.

At home in demanding environments such as high-end boardrooms and large auditoriums, the Executive HD MaxSecure offers the same audio quality, versatility, and seamless integration as the 128-bit Executive HD. Each unit provides support for up to eight microphones with exceptional audio quality; multiple units can be linked together to support up to 32 (Americas) or 40 (international) microphones per area. The Executive HD MaxSecure can be integrated with all control systems via RS-232 or Ethernet, making it a seamless, natural extension of any new or existing environment. An intuitive, front-panel LCD display provides simple control and configuration on-location, while management software is available for the convenience of remotely monitoring and controlling the system through its Ethernet connection.

Barco (Duluth GA) has purchased AWIND (New Taipei City, Taiwan) for $7.1 million dollars. AWIND’s wireless high-resolution video and audio technology is used in the majority of the projector manufacturers for wireless video/audio transmission (e.g., Epson, Sharp and Sony). The company was founded in Taiwan in 2003 and employs about 60 people. AWIND's wireless transmission system includes its own branded “black box” hardware, embedded firmware, wireless networking and software for Windows, Mac, Mobile and Linux, and supports resolutions up 2048x1536. AWIND offers a USB dongle called WiGA, which allows for video and audio from a Mac or PC via a USB port to a projector or HDTV: Barco will leverage AWIND for its ClickShare strategy, based on the fact that more than 65% of the wireless video and audio transmission systems (without Apple’s AirPlay) use the AWIND technology.

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